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 Hands on Approach

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Headquartered in Erie, Colorado, Gemini Extraction, formerly Zelios Colorado, is a leader in hemp extraction and refinement technologies, providing the hemp industry with integrated biomass processing, dual extraction methods, and advanced refinement solutions, all engineered to produce  a wide array of consumer products at an institutional and global scale


On January 11th 2021, Gemini announced its new name to reflect the company's expanded and broader capabilities of both CO2 and Ethanol Extraction methods, as well as its new and extensive refinement technologies.     

Gemini’s expanded footprint in the industry comes through a substantial investment into its new, fully-approved Cryo-Ethanol Extraction, Winterization, and Isolation facility located at the Flight Business & Air Park. Additionally, Gemini has developed a 10,000 square foot biomass storage and processing facility in LaSalle, Colorado, providing a complete solution from harvest and pre-processing to extraction and refinement, making Gemini the most capable and highest quality institutional level extraction and refinement facility in North America.


“This dual capability allows us to provide cost-effective customized solutions at an institutional scale, but with a boutique service experience commitment to our customer.  We designed our facilities from the ground up and created a state-of-the-art extraction and refinement campus to meet the current and future demands of the hemp industry with capabilities that can meet the needs of our branded customers” said Zachary Nassar, CEO of Gemini.    

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