now every ingredient except for isolate can be organically made!


The One Cert certification process took us over 6 months. We were thoroughly vetted to have the right machinery, equipment, cleaning ingredients and process, but now both our CO2 and ethanol extraction machines, distillation machine, winterization machines, and remediation equipment are fully USDA certified organic. We source organic biomass and have it preprocessed at our organically certified pre-processor. Please call us directly or chat with us to talk about our hemp extract inventory!

we believe the future is organic 

CBD lies in the natural holistic product market and the target consumer is both health driven and environmentally conscious. Hemp farms have been established long enough where there is a natural transition for them to go fully organic. We believe this is a positive to the industry and consumer as a whole to be able to find a product that is completely free and clean of pesticides. We use Eurofins to test our organic hemp material, this test has over 500 panels and is the most rigorous in the industry. 

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