Don’t get stuck without detailed plans for the harvest of your biomass, extraction and refinement, and viable sales channels and outlets for your end product. Learn more about Gemini Extraction's expansive set of services below, and how we can be a dedicated partner working with you to navigate the industry.



with Revival Farms

Properly drying, cleaning and preparing your crop in the most efficient and cost-effective manner is the first step to successful extraction. By partnering with Gemini Extraction, and its pre-processing partner Farmer's Revival, you can increase your margins and ensure your material yields the highest amounts of cannabinoids. Gemini Extraction and Farmers Revival work hand-in-hand with full transparency to you to set you up for success in extraction, refinement, and formulation.


Super Critical CO2


Our CO2 extraction methodologies are carried out by highly professional, on-site experts. The results are clean, pure and effective extracts, free from toxic solvents, providing partners the peace of mind they deserve. 


Why Choose CO2 extraction? Variable pressure is used to extract 95% of CBD with a high wax content or 85% of CBD with low wax content significantly reducing cost on further processing.  

By the Numbers:​

  • Number of Machines: 16

  • Per Shift Input: 3,500 lbs 

  • Per shift output: 160 kg 

  • Square footage: 20,000 


Cryo-Ethanol Extraction 

Our Ethanol Extraction is highly efficient and ensures consistency of high-output daily processing volume. Gemini is proud of our advanced ethanol extraction methods strict adherence to industry leading operating procedures results in the highest quality and purity of refined hemp products. 


Why Choose Cryo-Ethanol extraction? We use -40C Cryo ethanol extraction to produce a low sugar, low wax content crude oil. 

By the Numbers: 

  • Per Shift Input: 800lbs 

  • Per Shift Output: 100kgs 

  • Square Footage: 5,000 



CBD product buyers are seeing pure ingredients. We offer large-scale post-extraction refinement to help our partners produce the outcomes they desire. We include services to winterize crude oil in large volumes, distill to full-spectrum distillate using our 2-stage short path distillation machine, and the ability to crash the distillate into isolate.

By the Numbers:

  • Winterization Output: 70kg per day 

  • Distillate Output: 80kg per shift

  • Isolation Output: 50kg per shift 

IMG_8364 (1).jpg


Many CBD buyers have unique needs. Gemini partners with customers to extract and formulate for their unique desired outcomes and potency. Our ingredients have been validated to be ideal for formulating and our team is easy to work with. 

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