Its All About the Hops Terpenes!

We have one of the largest CO2 facilities in the nation, so naturally we've always been curious to figure out what else we could extract. We stumbled across hop extraction this past year and dialed in ways to extract several oils based on their impact on the brew. We are incredibly excited about our hops terpenes. Coming from hemp, we've been able to figure out a secret sauce in producing an oil which is entirely representative of the plant as a whole. We've also found, in general, hops extract saves beer loss during the brewing process and helps to lower manufacturing costs. 


Terpenes are compounds responsible for the way most plants smell. They are an integral part of the brewing process as they add flavor and smell. Gemini has found they can extract an oil from hops, which is a complete representative of the plant's entire smell and flavor profile. We currently offer several types of terpene hops based on hop variety as well as desired terpene. We are taking in requests for specific terpene 


In the middle of 2021, we found we could use our supercritical CO2 machines to produce bulk hop extracts for breweries Hops Extract save beer loss during the brewing process and help lower manufacturing costs. Throuhg R&D, Gemin has found that there are two types of extracts that can be taken during the same extraction process, bittering extracts and terpene extracts.

Brewery Use Cases 

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